About us

We provide quality residential and commercial cleaning services including vehicle cleaning and ground care for more than 20 years now.
During this long, full of purpose period, we brought together a team of professionals, we tested and hand-picked the most effective cleaning technologies, and established what the most important factors in our service are.

We pay special attention to

  • Exceeding our clients’ high expectations
  • Understanding each client’s needs and their case
  • Providing timely and efficient solutions
  • Keeping our devoted, accomplished workers happy

We stand out not only with our vast experience and proven professionalism, but also with our relentless passion for excellent customer service. We love taking care of your cleaning issues, and we love doing it on a schedule that is convenient and adapted to your pace. We work in a manner that saves time for both our private and commercial clients equally.

CLEANING MISSION (ŠVAROS MISIJA) not only stands in our name, rather it’s our philosophy. We strive and improve to be the best in accomplishing it.